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What Clients Are Saying

"Terri is not only a consummate, knowledgeable real estate agent, she is thorough, kind, considerate and really helped me through this process, as I have never sold a property before and this was my deceased father's condo. I worked with J Barrett specifically in order to work with Terri - She's fantastic."


"Terri was extremely helpful during the process of selling our house. Terri Checked in with me regularly to see if I needed help and she provided me with names of contractors to facilitate our clean out and packing. We had a 5500 sq.ft. house and are moving to a 1500 sq.ft. I spent 4 months donating and eliminating.

Terri was always in touch with me teling me what information I needed to get for the buyers and lawyer before they even requested it. As a result, I did not have to run around at the last minute.

In my opinion, Terri is an "A number 1" REALTOR. She is always anticipating the needs of her client. She and her granddaughter and friend planted flowers at my front door entrance before the open house. She said she knew how busy I as and this was another way she could help me. I do not think I could have completed my part of the move if I did not have Terri's support and help whenever I needed it. Just knowing she was a text message or phone call away. Her communication was always there."

Linda & Ben D. - Danvers